About us

Social Cadre was born on July 23rd, 2016. Cadre is a thinkubator that launches and scales new products
and brands at an unprecedented rate. Through the use of robust marketing campaigns leveraging a plethora of traffic sources,
Cadre uses highly engaging content to captivate the consumer on an ultra-personal level. Our global lifestyle, active, and
integrated brands provide unique ways to improve our everyday lives


While running such large scale campaigns, it is of utmost importance to have proper analytics implementation. We have developed a sophisticated to conversion attribution across various traffic sources and date ranges allowing us to give pin point precision for our marketing team to succeed.

Brand Strategy

Strategy doesn’t end after execution. If anything, that’s where the process begins all over again. With an obsession for perfection and an eye for insights, our data analysts will happily weed through rows and rows of data to discover the gaps, project the opportunities, and deliver more.

Content Direction

Our combined creative and production team consists of writers, designers, art directors, editors, animators, directors, and producers – all working to produce quality content for virtually every channel at the rapid speed of culture


We’re a one-stop shop for ecommerce business building and marketing across owned dot-coms and marketplaces.

Influencer Marketing

Our team builds and executes holistically-informed strategies where influencers produce and share branded assets, passing equity from their passionate, opt-in audiences to brands to then use on their direct response advertising campaigns.

Paid Media

Built for today’s market, we value being practitioners on every digital platform we oversee and are focused on driving real business results. Our execution is based on scale, while maintaining our profitability.

Our Team

Daniel Snow


Daniel started his journey in the online space through amassing followers on a variety of different interest based accounts at first on twitter, and then on Instagram. After acquiring nearly 20 million followers during his first 18 months of running these pages, Daniel realized there was a massive need for account owners such as himself who had large audiences at their disposal looking for creative ways to monetize their followings.

Thus, Caffeine Digital was born. Providing a one stop shop for both advertisers and influencers, the platform was able to generate $7.4M in revenue and 3,200 influencers signed up to the website all before Daniel had graduated from college.

After sending millions of dollars in web-traffic to hundreds of different advertisers through Daniel’s platform, he then transitioned his goal towards owning the actual products and businesses in order to create a more sustainable business model.

Jonathan Snow


Jonathan began his digital marketing career while also pursuing a career as a general dentist and Captain in the US Air Force. Jonathan was the first doctor in the history of Barksdale AFB to earn the status of “Iron Airman” for his elite physical condition. While navigating the space of online marketing, he rose the ranks to become the top revenue-generating digital marketer in the entire network of Caffeine Digital, a company that generated over 8 figures in revenue. Jonathan joined his brother Daniel and launched their first ecommerce store, Aida Brand, a unisex jewelry accessory store that offers trendy wardrobe accoutrements and quickly amassed over 10k orders in just 6 months from inception. After the wildly successful launch of Aida Brand, Jon, Dan, and Matt joined forces to form one of the top ecommerce conglomerations, Social Cadre. Dr. Snow is a member of the Forbes Agency Council, a prestigious invite-only society for agency professionals and is currently specializing in the field of Orthodontics.